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Discover the broadest portfolio of sensor solutions. Bosch Sensortec already offers a variety of sensor types for various applications. New solutions can easily be realized based on our vast experience. Bosch Sensortec is the best partner for high volumes and low cost products

Sensor Types :- Acceleration Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Angular Rate Sensors

Applications :- Mobile Phones and PDAs, Portable Music Players, Toys and Gaming, Sports, Camera and Video Equipment, Mobile Computing, Security, Health Applicance, Home Appliance, Logistics.
BOSCH semiconductors offers :-
System supply ICs
Sensor interface drivers
Actuators driver ICs
Network ICs

CONEC is a leading USA + German connector manufacturer, committed to developing, producing and marketing quality connectors worldwide for the electronic and communications industry. Conec connectors are made to military grade connectors but not military certified. Certifications includes VDE, CSA, UL.

CONEC filter connectors are the ideal solution to reduce or eliminate electro magnetic and radio frequency interference ( EMI/RFI ). CONEC manufactures the most complete product line of filter D-Sub, Combination D-Sub, RF/Coaxial, Water-Resistant, Fiber-Optics conectors, Din EN 60603 / Din 41617 connectors and custom solutions connectors.

CONEC major customers include Nortel, Agilent, GE Medical, Airbus, Powerwave, Zygo, BMW, Mercedes.

PC related industries, Telecom, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Instrumentation, Measurement Equipment.

A pioneer in the production of Switchgear, E. Dold & Söhne KG is one of the leading European manufacturers and is certified to ISO 9001. Dold- products fulfil many national and international standards i.e. EN, IEC and VDE, it also has several third party approvals e.g. BG, TÜV, UL, CSA, etc.

The precision manufacture of Dold products is in keeping with the best of Black Forest traditions. This private owned company has been producing relay products for some 70 years and is currently managed by the third generation of the Dold family. Dold currently employs over 500 employees, many of them have been with the company for more than two decades and freely associate themselves with Dolds quality driven policies. This creates a depth of knowlege that comprises of something far greater than the often-used buzz word ”Know how”. With its own tool and form production, an experienced plastic moulding department together with up-to-date manufacturing plant, Dold ensures flexibility, efficiency and a direct influence on delivery periods as is required by its customers. This production depth and the optimisation of electronic and mechanical components used, ensures the high quality standards expected of Dold products.

Die-Tech, Inc. manufactures precision metal stampings for the electronics, medical, automotive, military, aerospace and telecommunications industries. We specialize in design assistance, rapid prototyping, practical die construction, and long term production of high quality, cost-effective precision metal stampings.

iC-Haus develops and manufactures application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and is a leading specialist for monolithic mixed-signal circuits and microsystems.

Our range of technologies covers high voltage and linear bipolar, high density and analog CMOS and power BCD processes. With optional optolayers we have created OPTO-ASICs, monolithic microsystems which have integrated sensors. Assembly is performed in standard plastic packages and for the OPTO and power ICs in the chip-on-board technique. Packaging can be customized, e.g. with multi-chip-modules; furthermore, the chip layout and circuit topology is tailored to your individual requirements, resulting in exclusive ASICs from iC-Haus.

The GigaSTaR (Gigabit/s Serial Transmit and Receive) is a universal high-speed point-to-point communication link that transmits data with a bandwidth up to 1.32 Gbit/s via one pair of shielded twisted copper cable over extended distances: 50 mtrs and beyond with one pair of ordinary Shielded Twisted Pair copper cable (e.g. CAT5/7) and up to 500 mtrs and beyond with conventional multimode fibre cable and standard optical modules. The datarate can be easily scaled in multiples of 1.32 Gbit/s without any skew limitations known from other systems.

  • High-Speed Scanning / Printing
  • Mass Storage Interconnections
  • Security Systems
  • Microscopy / Tomography
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Measurement Systems
  • High-Speed Sensoring
  • Industrial Controls
  • High-Resolution Camera Links

Inphi Corporation is a privately held fabless electronic components company located in Westlake Village in Southern California. By applying its unique strengths in high-speed analog IC design and packaging, Inphi strives to set new standards of performance for computing, communications and instrumentation systems.

Inphi has assembled a talented team of high-speed circuit and package designers with extensive hands-on experience in multiple semiconductor processes, including CMOS, GaAs, SiGe and InP. Inphi engineers choose the right process technology for the target application and draw upon innovative design techniques in order to provide customers with the optimum balance of cost, speed, performance and size for any given specification.

Inphi's product portfolio comprises more than 80 components for the Timing, Instrumentation, Optical and Microwave communication markets. In addition to offering standard off-the-shelf products, Inphi works closely with select customers to develop customized high-speed, high precision analog components for a variety of next-generation applications. These specialized devices enable our OEM clientele to offer significant price, performance and time to market advantages to their end customers.

Measurement Specialties Inc. is a global designer and manufacturer of sensors and presssure transmitters . They design and manufacture  sensors for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as end users. Measurement Specialties offers a large variety of sensor products to meet application requirements in many industries including automotive, off-road , medical , industrial , consumer , military/aerospace , test/measurement and traffic applications .

Measurement Specialties makes components, sensors and transducers to measure: Pressure , Force /Load, Position (Linear, Rotary & Tilt), Vibration/ Acceleration , Humidity , Temperature , Photo Optics , Piezo Film.

Precision stamped, drawn and tubular parts made of all formable materials for the automobile, electrical, and electronic industries.

Signal Construct products are :-

  •  LED Lamps with multi-look
  •  LED miniature lamps for DC and AC voltage
  •  Festoon Lamps on LED basis
  •  LED miniature indicator with optical lens in IP 67
  •  Compact machine lamp on LED basis
  •  LED indicator for Potentiometer 



Our company Marschner GmbH & Co. looks back to over 35 years of history.

Started as a small firm our company in the meantime became a modern medium-size enterprise, which grew with its tasks and is now one of the best known and outstanding manufacturer of transformers and power supplies also well known beyond the borders of Germany.

More than 100 different types of standard transformers are constantly available from our stock.

Our transformers and power supplies are used world-wide in many different fields of the electrical and electronic industry, in which particularly high demands are made concerning reliability and quality of the products.

EUROFARADs activities are focused on research and manufacturing of high technology and reliability products (capacitors, filters, precision mechanics, potentiometers and slip-rings) for professionnal markets, such as aeronautics, defense, medical, space, railway and oil drilling... 

Using the different technologies available in house, EUROFARAD offers a wide range of technical solutions with standard and custom design products. 

The products are manufactured to work in the most severe environments :
mechanical (vibrations, shocks...)
climatical (up to 200°C and more)
voltage (up to 100 kV)...

.. Capacitors
  - Film
  - Mica
.. Potentiometers & Slip Rings
.. Precision Mechanics

SIC-SAFCO traces it's origins back to 1921, when it was founded under the French name SIC, Societe Industrielle des Condensateurs, or ICC, standing for the Industrial Capacitor Company.

In 1954, the company merged with the Societe Anonyme de Fabrication de Condensateurs and became SIC-SAFCO;

Today, SIC-SAFCO S.A. is a dynamic European leader in the manufacture of high technology aluminium electrolytic capacitors which are especially designed for heavy industries requiring large-scale energy transfers.

Already represented in 23 countries around the world, SIC-SAFCO is expanding into further international markets today.

Sic-safco offers customers a high quality of aluminium electrolytic capacitors in three families : screw terminals, radial solder and axial types.

Sic-Safco capacitors are known for their outstanding quality, performance and perdurability. A wide choice of 27 ranges makes them adaptable to an extensive range of professional applications.

Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors in three families : screw terminals, radial solder and axial types


Firadec have been manufacturing Tantalum Capacitors for the last 40 years.

The company has changed over the years through continuous product development servicing professional electronic industries such as:
    * Avionics
    * Telecommunication
    * Military
    * Railways
    * Medical
    * Space

The external growth, together with the takeover of Tekelec Temex tantalum activity in 1998, has allowed a spectacular expansion of the company niche markets.

Over 45% of Firadec production is exported today. All large players in the professional electronic market within Europe, India , Australia , and also in the USA , are Firadec Customers.

Thanks to the team dynamism, product quality and constant innovation, Firadec has established worlwide recognition in its market.

Tantalum capacitors can be divided into two big families and several sub - families :

Solid tantalum capacitors :
- Metal cases
- Moulded cases
- SMD (CHIPS) types

Wet tantalum capacitors :
- Silver cases
- Tantalum cases